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The BHBNradio App is now available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store absolutely free – so you can get your fix of your favourite Hospital and Community Radio Station wherever you are, in one of Birmingham Hospital or out in the community. 



Weekdays @ 10:40am on BHBNradio

Background to The Gardening Times

The Gardening Times co-authored by the artist and author Dr. Angela Summerfield and her sister, the playwright Caroline Summerfield, takes a whimsical look at gardening and is inspired by their experience of creating a garden over the last five years at their North Gloucestershire home. It is written very much with the hospital listener in mind, creating each week a narrated walk through their garden as work progresses. The twenty broadcasted episodes are dramatisations of the first twenty issues of The Gardening Times, launched by the Summerfield sisters, to friends and family on Thursday 26th March 2020. It was created  in direct response to COVID-19, with the aim of lifting everyone’s spirits during these challenging times. Now adapted for radio broadcast with full sound effects and music produced in conjunction with the
Natura Contemporary Theatre Company and the Reactor Factory Limited for patients and NHS staff in our Birmingham hospitals and audiences beyond, ‘We hope that you derive as much pleasure from listening to them as we have from writing them.’

The Actor

Ellie Darvill

Born and brought up in Liverpool, England, with grand parents of both Irish and Welsh heritage, Ellie was surrounded by a rich tapestry of voices all through her childhood. Little wonder that she has become an award winning voice over and radio actor –  gaining the coveted  Norman Beaton Award for BBC Radio Drama in 2017.  She has appeared in many a Radio 4 afternoon play and has recorded for the Archers and The World Service. Ellie is also a regular contributor to Big Finish and their very diverse productions of audio dramas of Dr Who and Torchwood.

The Authors

Dr. Angela Summerfield

Angela is a contemporary landscape painter and writer with a particular interest in trees and, of course, gardening!  Her paintings are in private UK and international collections. In 2014 she relocated, with her sister, Caroline, from London to the rural surroundings of North Gloucestershire. She is currently working on several art exhibitions and publications, which celebrate our shared connections with Nature.

Caroline Summerfield

Caroline is the artistic director and resident playwright of the Natura Contemporary Theatre Company.  Her plays include The Manuscript and Myself and Other Parts, Finborough Theatre London, A Berlin Christmas for the Gatehouse Theatre Highgate London, The Tree Charter Tapestry and Jane Austen and the Cheltonians,  Everyman Theatre Cheltenham and Four Characters Have Fun?,  Birmingham REP. Her plays have been long and shortlisted for national competitions, including the Bruntwood and she was a finalist for the Terence Rattigan Prize. Her West End debut play was Chasing Ibsen and her play Jane Austen and the Cheltonians resumes its UK tour in 2021.



Weekday Mornings from 1050am

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So you have noticed there has been a change to our name and our logo which has designed by Penny-Jane Bourne a BHBN member who is a Graphic Designer by trade.  

The change of name was decided upon to reflect not only our current service but our hopes and inspiration for the future, which are, not only having listeners in the hospitals we serve but patients are encouraged to take us home with them by the introduction phone App. which is currently under construction. We are  also hoping to expand our service to the wider health community such as Nursing Homes and Health centres as well as the local community.

The new BHBNradio Magazine is now available around the our Hospitals & Selected Local Retailers Catch one if you can

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Requests & Dedications on 0121 471 4774 or text 07519694698

Programme Highlights

WORDS & MUSIC EXTRA Over the months since March, Adelle Davies has been talking people about how the Covid pandemic and lockdowns have affected their lives, careers and education.

This week she talks to John Roberts who was forced to change his job and entrepreneur James Martin (not that one!) 
Sunday 25th October at 2pm 


KIDS TIME WITH KIRA, from 11am every Sunday specifically for young Patients and children  and is packed with Latest Chart Music, Disney, Pop and Fun Tracks presented by Kira Hughes.  hear your favourite song,or text 07519694698 or call 01214714774. Young Patients in the Good Hope and Heartlands Hospitals can call FREE  from the bedside units.
Kira will have details of the upcoming Little Mix Tour. Landing in Birmingham 21st & 22nd May 2021


Programme Schedule

BHBNradio is now on a phased return to
LIVE Broadcasting.

The BHBNradio  Music Selection runs 24 Hours 7 days a week
where we try to mirror our specialist music shows on the days
and times where they are usually broadcast 

10:40am Coffee Time includes
              The Gardening Times & Mindfulness exercises              
Midday The Golden Hour Hits from 50’s-80’s
1pm Light Lunch, Big Band Classic Standards, and Radio Days Music
10pm The Soul Train by Peter Bayliss (pre-recorded)
11pm Late Night Love Songs

4pm Good Vibrations, Donna Joseph (Live)
6pm Music from Stage and Screen (Selection)
8pm Evening Show, Dale Hobson (Live) 

5pm Joe Kennard (Recorded at home)
8pm Evening Show, Penny-Jane Bourne (Live)  

3pm BHBNcountry  (Selection)
5pm Words & Music, Brian Henderson
8pm Evening Show, Imogen Dunworth Warby (Live)  

3pm Playing it Cool, Pete Bayliss (Live)
5pm Chris Friday (Recorded at Home)
7pm Evening Show, Paul Stanley (Live)

2pm The Weekender Bill Waldron
6pm Evening Show, David Elliott (Live)

9am BHBNgold, Colin Monnaf (Live)
Midday – The Frock Show, Sarah Morris (Live)
2pm BHBNsport (Hospitals with Hospedia Units Only) (Live)
5pm BHBNsport results service (Live)
8pmSaturday Night In, Andy Swaby (Live)
10pm Reggae Selection 

10am The Golden Hour, 50’s to the 80’s Hits
11am Kids Time with Kira Hughes (Live)
1pm The American Country Countdown Top 12
2pm  Words & Music Extra, Adelle Davies (Pre Record)
3pm Duets, Shaz Hill (Live)
7pm Evening Show, Doug Jackson (Live)
10pm The BHBNclassics Collection. 

All other times – The BHBNradio Music Selection
The programme situation is ongoing and  so keep checking our Facebook & Twitter Pages to find out details of Phase 2 of our return to live broadcasting

Today’s Programmes


Coronavirus Advice

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.

For more information and guidance click on the link below.

useful guide about guarding mental health during the coronavirus pandemic


The best way to get a request or dedication played on BHBNradio is to call
0121 471 4774 during our live broadcasting between 4pm & 10pm on weekdays and 7am – 8pm Saturdays and 12 Noon – 10pm Sundays. If calling in at any other time please leave a clear message on our answering machine. It is also possible to text a requested or dedication to 07519 694 698 or use the form opposite and we will endeavour to play your choice of song on our live programming as soon as possible.