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BHBNradio is now on a phased return to Broadcasting.

BHBNradio  Music Selection runs 24 Hours 7 days a week
where we try to mirror our specialist music shows on the days
and times where they are usually broadcast


Changed timings on some shows in view of
new Covid variant & Tier Changes

Midday The Golden Hour Hits from 50’s-80’s
1pm Light Lunch, Big Band Classic Standards, and Radio Days Music
10pm The Soul Train by Peter Bayliss (pre-recorded)
11pm Late Night Love Songs
and the BHBN Music Selection throughout the day between live shows


10am The Morning Show, Dave Horton (Live)
4pm Good Vibrations, Lily Grace James (Live)
8pm Evening Show, Dale Hobson (Live) 
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods


10am The Morning Show, Adelle Davies (Live)
3pm Music From Stage & Screen, Jo Connop (Live)
5pm Joe Kennard (Recorded at home)
8pm Evening Show, Penny Jane Bourne (Live)
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods


10am The Morning Show, Bill Waldron (Live)
3pm BHBNcountry  (BHBN Music Selection)
8pm Evening Show, Leon Lewis (Live)
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods


10am The Morning Show, Lily-Grace James (Live)
2pm Music Box, Pete Bayliss (Live)
5pm Chris Friday (Recorded at Home)
8pm Evening Show, Doug Jackson (Live)
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods


10am The Morning Show, Paul Stanley (Live)
2pm The Weekender Bill Waldron (Live)
6pm Evening Show, David Elliott (Live) 
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods


9am BHBNgold, Colin Monnaf (Live)
Midday – The Frock Show, Sarah Morris (Live)
3pm BHBNsport (Hospitals with Hospedia Units Only) (Live)
7pmSaturday Night In Disco &, 
8pm Saturday Night In, Andy Swaby (Live)
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods

10pm Reggae Selection


10am The Golden Hour, 50’s to the 80’s Hits
11am Kids Time with Kira Hughes (Live)
1pm The American Country Countdown Top 12 (Pre Record)
2pm BHBN Music Selection 
4pm Care Home Requests & Duets, Shaz Hill (Live)
6pm Asian Mix Selection
8pm Evening Show, Paul Stanley (Live)
Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods

10pm The BHBNclassics Collection. 

All other times – The BHBNradio Music Selection
The programme situation is ongoing and  so keep checking our Facebook     
& Twitter Pages to find out details of Phase 2 of our return to live broadcasting