The Gardening Times co-authored by the artist and author Dr. Angela Summerfield and her sister, the playwright Caroline Summerfield, takes a whimsical look at gardening and is inspired by their experience of creating a garden over the last six years at their North Gloucestershire home. It is written very much with the hospital listener in mind, creating each day a narrated walk through their garden as work progresses. The twenty broadcasted episodes are dramatisations of The Gardening Times, launched by the Summerfield sisters, to friends and family on Thursday 26th March 2020. It was created in direct response to COVID-19, with the aim of lifting everyone’s spirits during these challenging times. Now adapted for radio broadcast with full sound effects and music produced in conjunction with the Natura Contemporary Theatre Company and the Reactor Factory Limited for patients and NHS staff in our Birmingham hospitals and audiences beyond, ‘We hope that you derive as much pleasure from listening to them as we have from writing them.’