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BHBN Hospital Radio – Founded 1952

The Network was founded in 1952 by Hon. Alderman Mrs Freda Cocks OBE as the Birmingham Hospital Commentaries Association (BHCA). It became the BHBA in 1955 and BHBN in 1972.  It adopted the name of Birmingham’s BHBN in 1992, and adopted it’s current broadcast name of BHBN HOSPITAL RADIO in 2006

Nationally, hospital radio first started life in York in 1926.

The Network was a pioneer in many aspects of its broadcasting. Time spent in hospital back in the Network’s early days was very different to the present where day case surgery is common. During the Fifties and Sixties a two-week stay in hospital was more the average for even a routine procedure. This gave the then stations volunteers the opportunity to foster long-term relationships with patients.
The first studio was at the rear of the New Inns Public house on the Moseley Road, providing live football commentaries of local teams to patients in Yardley Green Sanatorium

Programme Purpose and Philosophy

We broadcast a range of high-quality radio programmes to Birmingham’s patients and others in the City’s health community. Our programmes are aimed at making a patient’s stay in hospital a more comfortable and less stressful experience than it would otherwise be.

We are patient centred and we focus on the music that patients want to hear and the information that patients need to know about.  The stations musical output is in keeping with the Adult Contempory Genre with a listening demographic of 25 – 80 year of age.

Programme Development
Programming is continuing to develop in the early years of the 21st century, and is becoming increasingly ambitious. Our new automated programming system, Myriad P2, enables us to maintain our 24-hour programme schedule,
and major improvements in radio reception facilities continue to be rolled out across the hospitals we serve.

About our Information Programmes
Central to the Network’s programming are the information, and sport programmes, as well as live concerts, which bring the life of Birmingham into the hospitals. The Network will not avoid discussing those awkward issues which affect our everyday life.

The Network uses the major radio news agencies to provide us with up-to-the-minute news and current features.

Serving our Community’s Needs
Community care announcements produced by the Network continue to promote services for patients.  Tips for survival in hospital are often mixed with news and information about our local hospitals.

The Network does not avoid informing patients about relevant and important health issues which affect them.

BHBN Hospital Radio    NEWS
We have a dedicated satellite system on which we receive the service from Independant Radio News (IRN) broadcast by Sky Radio News.  As well as the news bulletins, we are provided with news and sports feeds, interviews and programme packages.

Supporters of
BHBN Hospital Radio

If You or Your Business like to sponsor BHBN please contact communications@bhbn.net. Or should you wish to make a donation we have made it simple and easy for you. Just click on the MyDonate icon below or others around this site and follow the links

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Live Programme Schedule & Presenters

All Other Times – THE BHBN MUSIC SELECTION – Including THE LIGHT LUNCH Weekdays at 1pm, &  THE ELEVATOR ZONE AT 3pm

There, also Three Hours of LATE NIGHT LOVE SONG from 11pm