The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – Northfield

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe. We offer planned orthopaedic surgery to people locally, nationally and internationally.


We take pride in delivering exceptional patient care. Our specialist teams include surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, radiologists and pathologists; all of whom are highly skilled and experienced professionals. When you choose The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital you’re choosing the very best treatment from an award winning team who will put you at the centre of your care.

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Since 1877 we have been at the forefront of orthopaedic care, pioneering new surgical techniques and advancing treatment for people with bone and joint disorders. That heritage of innovation and excellence still drives us today; we continue to push boundaries to deliver the best care possible. It is our aim to be the first choice for orthopaedic care.

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Your local hospital needs you

My name is Elaine,
and I’m writing for your help, to enable us to do more great work to benefit our patients this year. It may seem small, but donating to our annual Christmas rafflereally does make a difference.

We support the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe, caring for people with joint problems, spinal conditions and rare cancers. We fund the added extras to help patients and families feel supported, and comfortable through what canbe a really tough time.
Whether that be through a new environment designed to make them feel at home, or offering the chance to be part of a potentially life-changing research study. They all have a huge impact.

The hospital itself is of course funded by the NHS, however, cash can be limited, meaning patients do not always get the advanced level of care they deserve.

Over the last year, we have funded over £80,000.00 worth of projects to support patient & family experience within the hospital. This is something we take a lot of pride in, but we always aspire to be better!

You can support our cause, in a small but really meaningful way | Give a gift today!

In December we are holding our annual Christmas Ball in order to raise money for our many causes. As part of the Ball we plan to organise a raffle to help generate more funds to make maximum impact.

We would like to ask whether you would like to offer a raffle to our charity? Or if more convenient, a donation towards the raffle.

In return a big promotional thank you via our social media and in the publicity work we do around the charity.

Local support is incredibly valuable to us and really helps us to provide more care and treatment, reducing pain and restoring independence.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you more about how you can get involved. I have enclosed my contact details for you, feel free to get in touch.

If you find the time, why not take a look around our website. Its filled with case studies and stories about how our support really does help.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Elaine Chapman
Fundraising & Membership Officer
T: 0121 685 4379 | EXT: 55607