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Presented by Kira Hughes. Kids Time with Kira, is especially for young Patients and visitors to parents and relatives in Hospitals around Birmingham, and is packed with Latest Chart Music, Disney, Pop and Fun Tracks.

Throughout the Summer Months there are more chances to have your favourite song played on Kids Time With Kira on Wednesday from 6pm. Kids Time with Kira, specifically for young Patients and children visiting relatives in Hospitals is packed with Latest Chart Music, Disney, Pop and Fun Tracks presented by Kira Hughes. Text the dedicated request number.07981 026836 or follow BHBNRadio on Instagram and complete the questionnaire box to hear your favourite song, Young Patients in the Good Hope and Heartlands Hospitals can call in FREE during the show from the bedside units Sponsored by Quality Solicitors Davisons.

Introducing Kira

 Kira Hughes
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Student / Barista
How did you find out about BHBN?
Through research.
Tell us about your show…
I’ll be visiting Children’s wards taking request to
brighten up their days with all their favourite music.

What would your three ‘Desert Island’ discs be and why?
– Bon Jovi – New Jersey is the album I grew up listening to, getting me to love music.
– Kip Moore – Wild Ones as I find this album is a great one to chill
  out to with a mix of both soft and upbeat country.
– Cher – Greatest hits – For me Cher is the best feel good pop to singing along with.

What’s your weakness?
I always seem to be quite timid when not within my comfort zone.

What’s your best culinary creation?
I’m not a very good cook, haha but I’d say it’ll have be a curry or spag bol.

What’s your daily routine?
All depends on the day, if I’m to be in work or uni, after my day is done i come home to my 2 cats and facetime my best friend to tell each other about the days we’ve had.

What book are you reading at the moment?
A tale of the Wicked Queen – Fairest of All

Lie in or early morning hike?
Definitely a lie in.

The best place you’ve visited, and the place you’d most like to visit?
Best place I’ve visited is Cyprus and the place I’d most like to visit is Tennessee / Nashville.

What’s your burning ambition?
To become a music journalist and influence music on to others.

Which celebrity inspires you and why?
Bon Jovi inspire me the most, I grew up listening to their music and found deeper meanings in their lyrics.  They inspire so much I got the lyrics “Stick to your guns” and “Aim from the heart” tattooed from the song’  “Stick to Your Guns” off the New Jersey album as I found meaning within these lyrics; to stand up for myself and what I believe in as well as to always to do the things I love.

Your perfect weekend?
I’d love to attend the CMA Music festival in Nashville, a weekend camping with live music from various country artists within an atmosphere I’d love to experience.

Which dream car would you like to hire?
I’d like my own custom camper van to travel within.

Which three words sum up how you’re feeling today?
Excited to see what the year brings.  Focused on the new things to come

What’s the best thing about being part of BHBN?
Being surrounded with people that love music just as much as I do.

Your best moment at BHBN and your most embarrassing moment at BHBN?
I’m sure they’re yet to come!