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Donna joined BHBN as a request presenter for the QE and the Women’s Hospital in August 2012 and in October 2013 she started her own show called Good Vibrations which as Donna describes consists of music and chat that feels good for the Soul.   During the two hours of Good Vibrations Donna plays her favourite classic soul soul tunes and celebrates the days soul artists birthdays by playing their most popular tracks.  Each week Donna is joined by 91 year old Mary Sandall who shares three of her favourite tracks for the popular feature Mary’s Favourites.  Donna has interviewed many guests on her show and is always looking for guests with a mission or story to share. Over the years Donna has had the pleasure of interviewing some of her favourite soul artists such as Leee John from 80’s Soul group Imagination and Jeffrey Daniel from Shalamar. Join Donna each Monday from 5-7pm

I am a Love and Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

My talks are about the power of love, confidence and communication and are based on my own experiences. My mission is to help people understand the power they have within themselves to change their lives. Depending on the age group of my audience I may use magic to show how negative thoughts can disappear. During my talks, I guide the audience to use their imagination and teach how to visualise dreams and desires. This exercise is designed to teach the power of the mind and to help the audience understand they have the power within to make their dreams come true. Here are some other areas I may talk about:

  • Understanding the moment and letting things go from the past.
  • Embracing and loving your own, and everyone else’s differences
  • Goals and Affirmations and how to create what you want.

At the end of the talks work sheet are given out, these could be affirmations, dauly tips and reminders to write goals etc.. With the content above I am developing an online program which will lead to workshops and one to one coaching sessions. The online course includes tasks and worksheets, audios and, for example, I work a lot on goals and daily routines, and so one task would be to complete a diary over 5 consecutive days for example. I create and design the tasks, worksheets, audios and videos

Good Vibrations

with Donna Joseph

Monday’s  5pm

Sponsored by Auriga Services

Mary Sandall’s Favourites

Good Vibrations is the home of Mary’s Favourites. Three of Mary’sfavourite are played each week at around 6pm
On August Bank Holiday 2018, BHBN devoted a whole hour to 91 year old Mary herself  presenting her favourite music.

It resulted in features in local & national newspapers and an appearance on the Jonathon Ross Show.  Mary is housebound and says that BHBN keeps her going.

Even at her advanced age Mary uses her Tablet to play her favourites on Spotify, check out music on Shazam and regularly listens to BHBN Hospital Radio.

And now BBC Midlands Today has joined the frenzy to speak to Mary. Reporter Nichola Beckford and Cameraman Gary Darfield  went to Mary’s home to to talk to her and Donna as they chose the weeks Mary’s Favourites. Then they followed Donna to the Studio to film Mary’s favourites being broadcast.

Interview Spotlight

Donna was in conversation with Marcia Lewinson from the W.A.I.T organisation on 5th November.
Established in 1993 W.A.I.T. S’s provides holistic support to women and 
their families
to overcome the practical and emotional issues caused by Domestic Abuse and Violence.

  • Domestic Abuse Service –   providing advocacy, support, counselling and Befriending to women who have experienced/are currently experiencing Domestic Abuse
  • Personal development – Empowering women through workshops, training and Coaching. That aims to increase skills and build confidence
  • Women’s Refuge – supporting women who are fleeing from, or who are facing homelessness due to, domestic violence.

W.A.I.T.S have expertise in supporting Women from diverse communities and ethnicities providing advocacy services and referral to specialist organisations. 

We help women to have a Voice through their participation in local and national and international consualtions. Influence policy and services by facilitating meetings with policy makers and service providers.  

Our Values

  • Empowering – Through our work we strive to enable women to think of their future and take back full control of their own lives
  • Supporting – We provide emotional, practical and peer support for women who face challenges and barriers within their lives
  • Progressing – We believe that women need their own time and space to build a secure and sustainable future for themselves
  • Holistic – We help in every aspect of life, as well as providing a link to trusted agencies who can provide further support.

W.A.I.T.S are holding an Anniversary Charity Fundraising Ball on Saturday 17th November for further information go to

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